About Carol A Myrick

 Please enjoy, and purchase if you desire, a painting created by Carol Myrick.  I am a senior citizen, who after 30 years away from the field of art, have recently found the time to renew my love of painting again.  I have been painting now for about ten years.   I find it relaxing and therapeutic and a great way to fill a day now that I am a retired accountant.  When I was younger I dabbled in oils, but now I find that acrylic and watercolor are my mediums of choice.   Even though most of what I do is  acrylic and watercolor, I also like the effect of the black and white scratch-board .  My greatest joy is hearing someone say they really love what I have done.               As a member of Associated Fine Artists, I show in a variety of establishments in and around San Diego and have functioned as a judge for school art events.  These are some of my paintings and I hope you enjoy my works of art as much as I did in creating them.    My wish is to create a masterpiece before I die.                                                          Contact Carol Myrick at 619-820-6695.         

About Cheryl Trasher

      Its been about six years now since I have been painting with watercolor, and less then a year with acrylic. My passion really  is architectural design, like  the old painted lady  of Victorian days, craftsman's, old barns to farm houses to street scenes, and even old boats and yes, a few animals. They excite me to bring yesterday's beauty to life, to live again, if just in my paintings.

Art came late in my life, opening and expanding my creativity to be a endless journey with each painting, I needed to do more and more.  I went to Foothills adult school and was encouraged as taught by my teacher and my peers, the technique with its many challenges of control, or not.

The library became my best friend, my family supported my passion even to the edge of my failures, bringing a new day of success, to this one who was mostly self taught, to where I am now.   I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did painting them...         

        Contact Trasher at calazycats@yahoo.com

About Tilli Singer


        Keenly interested in the visual arts since early childhood,  she commenced with pencil sketches of diverse subjects.   As a self-taught artist she began working with oils several years ago,  painting a variety of styles and subjects.  The results have been a fascinating, eclectic assortment.   She has been an active   participant in regional art guilds;  currently she serves as the Exhibits Coordinator  for ASSOCIATED FINE ARTISTS.

              CREDENTIALS:    Awarded  1st prize for oil paintings in All-City Competition sponsored by San Diego Parks and Recreation Department.    Took 3rd place, same competition, different year.    Juried into Exhibition of Art at Promenade Mall, Pacific Beach.  Exhibitor at annual Cultural Arts Festival,  Balboa Park. Sold paintings to Warner Bros. Studios;  hanging in executive suite in Hollywood.    Has patrons throughout North America and Europe.

              PARTIAL LIST OF EXHIBIT VENUES:   Lyceum Theatre, San Diego; Spanish Village Art Center;  La Jolla Art Gallery;    Children's Hospital, San Diego;  Poway Performing Arts Center;  East County Performing Arts Center;  San Diego Couty Administration Building;  Artists' Forum Gallery;  Public Libraries; Churches;  Prominent retirement residences owned by Marriott and Hyatt.
              Available for commissioned paintings.

        Contact Singer at tiibud@earthlink.net 

About Gale Vavra

I've always loved and appreciated art, but I didn't discover the talent within myself until I retired from being a school librarian in the San Diego City Schools District.  I then began to take drawing and painting classes at Foothills in El Cajon.  I was fortunate to find a wonderful teacher and artist, Marie Wordell, who taught watercolor classes there.  Through this teacher I began to see colors and textures in nature that I hadn't noticed before.  Also, I found that I liked to paint abstractly, as well as realistically.  Marie Wordell occasionally gave workshops in batik, an art form that involves painting with hot wax and acrylics on rice paper.  I found this style of painting to be exciting and my favorite.

Personal info:  I was born in Los Angeles and spent my youth there and in Glendale.  In 1959 my husband and I moved to San Diego County where we raised our three sons.  Besides art, my hobbies are swimming, reading, doing crossword puzzles, and spending time with my six grandchildren.

I am a member of the Associated Fine Artists and the East County Art Association.          

About Roger Sorrell

Roger D. Sorrell is a plant portraitist who aims to portray the dreams of plants:  their spirituality, dynamism, and inner character.  He has a background in botany, art history, and botanical painting.  For many years in Hawaii, he worked in a laboratory where he helped save endangered native plant species from extinction. He uses vibrant watercolors and gold ink on black paper to portray plants and flowers in a manner that makes them come alive with inner luminescence and radiant drama. Sometimes his paintings allude to fine art styles of earlier historical periods such as art deco, pre-Raphaelite, or post-impressionism in their ability to accent the drama and individuality of the plant species. To see Mr. Sorrell’s paintings is to take a journey through an enchanted floral world using an artistic lens to reveal its mysterious, magical beauty.

      For more information and to see more images visit www.rogersorrell.com

      Contact Roger Sorrell rogersorrell@cox.net

About Sheila Bruce

Contact Sheila Bruce at sheilas52artworks@cox.net

About Carole Mathios

  Carole Mathios' watercolor, acrylic and pastel paintings reflect her love of nature.  Her realistic subjects include flowers, trees, wild animals and landscapes painted in bright, lively colors.  Recently, she has been creating abstracts using a wide variety of media and paper, including tissue, Yupo, cardboard  and collage.

     Contact Mathios at seajoy1038@gmail.com

About Peggy Sturtevant

Contact Peggy at 858-292-8099

About Esther Croteau

       When my second grader came home one day, some fifty years ago, and said that parents were asked to come to an art class. Always enjoying something new, I attended that class and found a new world with color and subjects to play with. I was a farmer, wife, mother, homemaker, still am, with an interest in art. So I started watching TV art shows and looking for classes with teachers that would show me how to paint and how to do it. Thanks to those classes, TV shows, teachers and present methods I found a way to to express, in color, my love the subjects that are available. My love for fine arts and tole painting lets me enjoy painting the essence of what I see and/or seen in landscapes, old buildings, still life, flowers, cats and animals on canvas, wood and other surfaces using my favorite acrylic medium.

I am a former 4H leader, present member of three art groups, a local historical society, docent of the Historical Museum, four garden clubs, women's clubs, sewing club, and a former small business owner.

I am a transplant from Wisconsin with 4 grown children, eight grandchildren, 16 great and a great great grandchildren, husband and friend, Normand of Sixteen Years.         

      Contact Esther P. Croteau at 619-561-0867