Cheryl Trasher

Its been about six years now since I have been painting with watercolor, and less then a year with acrylic. My passion really is architectural design, like the old painted lady of Victorian days, craftsman's, old barns to farm houses to street scenes, and even old boats and yes, a few animals. They excite me to bring yesterday's beauty to life, to live again, if just in my paintings.

Art came late in my life, opening and expanding my creativity to be a endless journey with each painting, I needed to do more and more. I went to Foothills adult school and was encouraged as taught by my teacher and my peers, the technique with its many challenges of control, or not.

The library became my best friend, my family supported my passion even to the edge of my failures, bringing a new day of success, to this one who was mostly self taught, to where I am now. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did painting them...

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Elephant Blues
Cheryl Trasher, Elephant Blues, Watercolor, 16X20">

Island Freedom
Cheryl Thrasher, Island Freedom