Carol Myrick

Please enjoy, and purchase if you desire, a painting created by Carol Myrick. I am a senior citizen, who after 30 years away from the field of art, have recently found the time to renew my love of painting again. I have been painting now for about five years. I find it relaxing and therapeutic and a great way to fill a day now that I am a retired accountant. When I was younger I dabbled in oils, but now I find that watercolor is my medium of choice. Even though most of what I do is watercolor, I also like the effect of the black and white scratch-board and acrylics. My greatest joy is hearing someone say they really love what I have done.

As a member of Associated Fine Artists, I show in a variety of establishments in and around San Diego and have functioned as a judge for school art events. I hope you enjoy my works of art as much as I did in creating them. My wish is to create a masterpiece before I die.

Contact Myrick at 619-820-6695.

Carol Myrick, Iris Study, watercolor, 30X20"

A River Runs Through It

Carol Myrick, A River Runs Through It , acrylics, 24X30"