Esther Croteau

When my second grader came home one day, some fifty years ago, and said that parents were asked to come to an art class. Always enjoying something new, I attended that class and found a new world with color and subjects to play with. I was a farmer, wife, mother, homemaker, still am, with an interest in art. So I started watching TV art shows and looking for classes with teachers that would show me how to paint and how to do it. Thanks to those classes, TV shows, teachers and present methods I found a way to to express, in color, my love the subjects that are available. My love for fine arts and tole painting lets me enjoy painting the essence of what I see and/or seen in landscapes, old buildings, still life, flowers, cats and animals on canvas, wood and other surfaces using my favorite acrylic medium.

I am a former 4H leader, present member of three art groups, a local historical society, docent of the Historical Museum, four garden clubs, women's clubs, sewing club, and a former small business owner.

I am a transplant from Wisconsin with 4 grown children, eight grandchildren, 16 great and a great great grandchildren, husband and friend, Normand of Sixteen Years.

Contact Esther P. Croteau at 619-561-0867

Old Church in Lakeside

Esther Croteau, Old Church Lakeside

Point Loma

Esther Croteau, Point Loma